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About Christine Ervin

Christine Ervin is a nationally respected leader and spokesperson on market-based strategies for green buildings, clean energy and climate change.

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At a glance:

bullet private/nonprofit market: U.S. Green Building Council's first President & CEO, guiding its growth into one of the most influential industry collaborations in the country. Home of LEED® and Greenbuild™ Conference & Expo.
bullet national policy: U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy, leading the nation's billion-dollar portfolio of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies for buildings, transportation, manufacturing, distributed generation and climate change.
bullet state arenas: director of Oregon's Department of Energy and Missouri's budget policy office.
bullet environmental NGO: project director for the World Wildlife Fund/Conservation Foundation.
bullet recent awards: Energy Efficiency Hall of Fame (USEA, 2009); Cascadia Green Building Council Lifetime Achievement Fellow (2009); USGBC Leadership Award (2004).

Spokesperson. A popular speaker, Christine has been featured at more than 200 conferences and covered in a broad array of print and other media. Her upcoming book, Certified Green: How Unlikely Allies are Transforming Markets around the World, explores the promise and challenges of voluntary market-based initiatives.

Advisor. Christine serves on numerous advisory boards for organizations and companies that are serious about making a serious difference, including:

bullet American Council for a Renewable Energy Economy (ACORE)
bullet The Ashkin Group
bullet Wattzon
bullet Standards Council for SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board)
bullet Equilibrium Capital
bullet EPEAT
bullet President's Climate Action Project
bullet Greener World Media, Inc.
bullet Pivotal Investments

Philosophy. Results trump theory and ideology. Always tell the truth (but offer a positively compelling vision too.) There's simply no substitute for strong information and price signals to accelerate progress toward a sustainable economy.