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Christine Ervin’s forthcoming book, Certified Green: How Unlikely Allies are Transforming Markets around the World, examines the recent explosion of voluntary market-based programs to protect the environment.

Sample topics include:

bullet What’s driving the trend toward voluntary governance in the U.S. and Europe? Is the trend good—or alarming?
bullet The special case of green product labels---from computers and carpets to salmon and shiraz.
bullet An even closer look at third-party certification partnerships for whole sectors of the economy including LEED® for buildings.
bullet How the U.S. Green Building Council became “the hottest nonprofit in the country” – a view from the CEO’s seat.
bullet Close encounters: when the leading edge touches mainstream markets
bullet The people part of market transformation – inspiring stories from the construction site to the Beltway.
bullet Implications for voluntary trends in a rapidly warming climate: can they deliver?

Selected Articles (see Press for media interviews)

The Story of Green Building
The Business of Sustainability: Trends, Policies, Practices and Stories of Success
ABC-CLIO. 2011. Order Here

The Living Building Challenge: How Limits Can Liberate
GreenerBuildings.com, October 2007

Communicating Climate Change: Getting Beyond the Usual Suspects
Climatebiz.com, September 2007

The Human Side of Technology: Reflections on China
GreenBiz.com, July 2007

Buildings can play a key role in combating climate change.
Report from the United Nation Environment Programme, March 2007 (contributor.)

Expert Insights: Christine Ervin interview on the future of the green building movement.
Destination Green, November 2006
"I see green building as a market, rather than an environmental movement…"

Tipping toward a Sustainable Future?
Managing Green, September 2006
"Google 'tipping point' and you’ll find countless trends said to be edging toward virus-like growth, from Apple MacMinis to India ’s economy…"

Tipping toward a sustainable future
Daily Journal of Commerce, May 26, 2006
"Renewable energy markets and climate change have the potential to transform qualify of life, but they’re accelerating in opposite directions."
Download PDF (451 kb)

Energy Independence
HPAC Engineering Guest Editorial, March 2006
"…the plan neglects U.S. leadership in tackling climate change as the ultimate driver of energy security…"
Download PDF (56 kb, 1 page)

Lessons from the Energy Crisis
Excerpt from Green Office Buildings, A Practical Guide to Development. Urban Land Institute, 2005
Download article (Word document)

Pressure on LEED: Threat or Boon?
Greenerbuildings.com, May 2005
"Having spent five years at the helm of the U.S. Green Building Council, I've been getting a lot of questions lately about new pressures being faced by the LEED green building standard."