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A nationally respected leader and voice for a new, green economy.

Christine Ervin speaks, writes and consults on two of the most promising market trends of our time: greening the built environment and clean energy. She also focuses on how these markets are pivotal to tackling the greatest challenge of our times: climate change.

Not just from theory or rhetoric. But from on-the-ground results leading private-public collaborations designed to usher in sustainable markets and technologies:

bullet First President and CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council—home of LEED® and Greenbuild™
bullet U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy overseeing $1 billion in annual investments for clean energy
bullet Director of the innovative Oregon Department of Energy

Today, as President of Christine Ervin/Company, Christine draws upon her diverse experience inside and beyond the Beltway to focus on one goal: accelerating sustainable market transformation. Because environmental responsibility pays--for everyone.

Watch Christine's Speaking Video

Christine Ervin | IT meets Green Building

Length: 9 minute excerpt

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